2016 Access to Justice Benefit

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THANK YOU for your generous support of The Access to Justice Benefit, helping those struggling with poverty, abuse, and discrimination to have access to the full range of legal services. The Bar Foundation greatly appreciates your generosity in support of our grants and technical assistance to the dozens of legal aid nonprofit organizations depending on these resources.

The event was a great success, as we recognized the important work of community leaders, enjoyed international gourmet food and exotic beverages from Catering By Design, and danced to the Big House Band.

Benefit Co-Chairs: Deborah R. Gross, Esq., Bar Association Chancellor-Elect, Kaufman, Coren & Ress, P.C.; Tricia Horter, Esq., Bar Foundation Trustee, Citizens Bank, N.A. (Host Committee members listed below)

PHOTOS! A larger set of great photos are online here for viewing / downloading. If you attended and are seeking another photo taken by Sam Zolten, email Baruch Kintisch ([email protected]). Please see Sam's credits below at Photo/Facts, Visual/Audio Litigation Specialist.



The Ad Hoc Committee's final report, unanimously approved by the Trustees of the Bar Foundation, is posted online here.

 As published in the Legal Intelligencer on October 4. (Prior ad published 9/27.)

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Host Committee, Board of Trustees and Ad Hoc Committee

(Additional Host Committee members will be listed.)

Michael E. Adler, Esq.

Gaetan J. Alfano, Esq.

Meredith S. Auten, Esq.

Mitchell L. Bach, Esq.

Edward G. Biester III, Esq.

Leonard & Ellan A. Bernstein

Donald J. Bird, CFP

Steven E. Bizar, Esq.

Linsey B. Bozzelli, Esq.

Thomas A. Brophy, Esq.

Wilson M. Brown III, Esq.

Brian S. Chacker, Esq.

Edward F. Chacker, Esq.

Jennifer Segal Coatsworth, Esq.

Albert S. Dandridge III, Esq.

Jason R. DiNapoli, Esq.

Andrew R. Duffy, Esq.

William P. Fedullo, Esq.

Alan M. Feldman, Esq.

Vernon L. Francis, Esq.

Rudolph Garcia, Esq.,

Amy B. Ginensky, Esq.

Robert F. Hart, CFP

Emmanuel Iheukwumere, Esq.

Leslie E. John, Esq.

Michael L. Kichline, Esq.

Nicholas J. LePore III, Esq.

Robert H. Louis, Esq.

Frank M. McClellan, Esq.

Lauren P. McKenna, Esq.

Susan Nanes, Esq.

Mary F. Platt, Esq.

Alan C. Promer, Esq.

Nilam A. Sanghvi, Esq.

Colleen Healy Simpson, Esq.

Joshua D. Snyder, Esq.

Hon. Michael Snyder, Retired

Cynthia Stavrakis, Esq.

Kimberly L. Takacs, Esq.

Mark Tarasiewicz

Angela Taylor, Esq.

Roberta G. Torian, Esq.

Brennan J. Torregrossa, Esq.

Michael L. Turner, Esq.

Lawrence F. Walker, Esq.

Kathleen Wilkinson, Esq.

Marc J. Zucker, Esq.