Cy Pres

Putting Unclaimed Dollars To Work In Our Community

Cy Pres awards are unclaimed funds from class action or mass tort settlements that, for any number of reasons, are unclaimed or cannot be distributed to the class members or beneficiaries who were the intended recipients. Courts are able to distribute these unclaimed funds to appropriate charities.

Because of the many ways in which the work of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation benefits the public interest, it has been the recipient of increasing numbers of cy pres distributions in recent years. These distributions have been put to the best possible use—funding legal services that are our best chance of fulfilling our nation’s promise of justice for all.

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation has identified a clear set of  priorites that guide its grantmaking to more than 30 public interest legal services organizations:

  • Ensuring A Fair And Just Society
  • Helping The Poor
  • Caring For Our Children And The Elderly
  • Addressing Health And Disability Issues
  • Focusing On Issues Affecting Women
  • Improving Community Welfare

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The Philadelphia Bar Foundation is pleased to provide information about or assistance with cy pres distributions. For more information contact the Bar Foundation's Executive Director at 215-238-6347 or email Jessica R. Hilburn-Holmes, [email protected].

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The official registration and financial information of the Philadelphia Bar Foundation may be obtained from the PA Department of State by calling toll free, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. Interested donors are encouraged to consult with their personal legal and financial advisors when contemplating a gift.