Our Work

A Unique Place In Our Community

Philadelphia is a city with a well-established reputation in the legal profession. Ever since Andrew Hamilton, a “Philadelphia Lawyer,” defended John Peter Zenger in 1735, establishing the principle of freedom of the press, Philadelphia lawyers have epitomized legal expertise and dedication to principle.

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation is the central charitable organization through which Philadelphia lawyers and their firms can help guarantee the principle of access to justice for all Philadelphians. The Philadelphia Bar Foundation has set priorities to help guide its support of legal services that improve the lives of low-income and disadvantaged people:

  • Ensuring a fair and just society
  • Helping the poor
  • Caring for our children and elderly
  • Addressing health and disability issues
  • Focusing on issues affecting women
  • Improving community welfare.

Our Approach

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation approaches its work in a planned way. We believe in the importance of setting meaningful goals and taking part in strategic action to fulfill our mission. At the November 6, 2012 meeting of the Board of Trustees, a five-year Strategic Plan was approved. The plan sets goals for the Bar Foundation and will guide its work for the future.